2040 committees


The committee supports the enhancement of multi-modal transportations within the City and surrounding areas. It serves as a promoter of growth, mobility, connectivity, and safety for City residents, visitors, and stakeholders. This extends to goods and services which travel in and out of Edinburg. The committee supports all modes of transportation from our aviation systems, and roads to our drainage systems. The committee works towards supporting all forms of transportation and mobility in order to continue to provide access to services and activities such as education, employment, shopping, and cultural events.  We believe the quality of transportation availability affects peoples’ ability to participate in both social and economic activities. This committee meets quarterly or as needed.

Public Safety

The committee of Public Safety serves the City of Edinburg in order to improve the quality of life in the community by addressing safety concerns and providing a healthy environment for all citizens. The committee will continue to research and collect information on needs for our community from street signs, safety areas for children and individuals with disabilities, to first responders. Road safety is as important for our community as our citizens, and we want to continue to expand safety around our streets and avoid back-logged traffic. This committee meets quarterly or as needed.

Health and Wellness

The committee will serve to promote and educate the community of physical and mental wellness, which can be enjoyed by all citizens. The main role of this committee is to communicate, participate, motivate, and support the organization’s wellness programs for the community. This committee believes that the community overall will be able to successfully carry a healthier lifestyle with a supportive environment and a committee which focuses on providing new opportunities. The committee will work together to provide access to new and enjoyable programs which encourage healthy life choices and behaviors. This will be done while keeping in mind to identify needs, creating goals, and providing appropriate communication in order to reach the community for participation. This committee meets quarterly or as needed.

Neighborhoods/Parks/Green Spaces/Beautification

The committee has been created in order to preserve neighborhoods, parks, and green spaces in the City for the community and future generations. Through a collaboration of surrounding partners, such as the City of Edinburg, ECISD, EEDC, Chamber of Commerce, UTRGV, and others, the committee wants to continue to fund and facilitate beautification projects and share resources for parks and green spaces for the community. The committee wants to continue to expand in the future and provide a volunteer program in order to allow citizens of all ages to participate in educating and providing innovative ideas to better the community while sharpening their own skills. We want to continue to expand in years to come to other areas in the City. This committee meets quarterly or as needed.

Arts/Culture/Historic Preservation

The committee was established to ensure arts and culture is incorporated in the city and continue to inspire community participation while creating an appreciation for the arts and humanities. The committee wants to provide the community opportunities to learn and experience a variety of social and cultural events within their hometown. By doing so, the committee can encourage a variety of diverse programs and educate the City and surrounding cities. We believe that exposure to the arts is a fundamental component to strengthening a diverse education and culture with programs such as theater, music, poetry, visual arts, and more, all while also positively impacting the economy of the City. This committee meets quarterly or as needed.

Mayor's Youth Advisory Council

The committee’s main function is to provide Edinburg’s young generation the necessary tools, training and trust to apply their creativity and skills to better their community. By having the young generation’s voice heard in their local government, new and innovative ideas, and projects can be made by inviting new and young minds to participate while giving them leadership skills, experience, confidence, and support to success and exceed in their future and that of the City of Edinburg. This committee’s goal is to provide Edinburg’s youth more involvement with a variety of departments, such as drainage, real-estate and development, career programs for youth safety in the City, law school and higher education, among other crucial areas in the future. An annual session schedule will be posted online for times and dates when the committee will be meeting to learn more about the goals and missions of this committee. This committee meets quarterly or as needed.

Economic Development/Innovation/Entrepreneurship/workforce

The committee was created to efficiently and effectively leverage resources and collaborate with organizations in Edinburg to promote economic growth, expand the tax base, and create quality and educational career and business opportunities for its citizens. The committee works together to research and investigate of any issues around the City while ensuring that the City has adequate supplies and support to provide for and fuel the City’s growth and development now and in years to come. This committee meets quarterly or as needed.

Government Transparency/Equity/Civic Engagement

The committee serves to improve the City’s transparency and communication between the City of Edinburg and the community. This committee will focus on providing a clear and timely communication on City initiatives. We also want to work on providing a digital newsletter which members can subscribe to and have easy access to. It is important to also provide a place for easy and accessible feedback from the community which will be taken into consideration to implement changes around the City. The committee would also like to create a strategic plan for the City to have more transparency, which we believe is very important when it comes to local government. The committee would also like to work towards having a supplemental, marketing team, branding across the City, more accessibility to the Council and Mayor for citizens and more. This committee meets quarterly or as needed.